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Hey friends! If you are a Disney adult (like me) or you and your family recently took a trip to Disney, this post is definitely for you! Keep reading for some Mouse House inspiration as I walk you through Day 1 of my Disney album. (links to everything I used are at the end of this post)

I chose a 3×8 minty green album from an Ali Edwards travel release a few years ago to document this 2021 trip in and I really enjoyed experimenting with the format. As someone who takes A LOT of photos, it was a little tricky finding ways to add all of my favorites into smaller vertical album but I was 100% able to make it work! If you’re on the fence about trying a size like 3×8, I definitely encourage you to give it a try!

For my title page, I created my own cut file to fit inside my album and backed it with some of my favorite patterns from the Project Mouse Beginnings collection. I love that it gives some extra pizzazz to the beginning of my album. You can check out the full process for how I put this title page together here.

I chose to divide my album by days so I used printable transparency to create four dividers for the 4 days of our trip and adhered a circle with the day and park we visited each day. Behind the transparency is a full 3×8 photo (outside of the page protector). I chose to leave the photos blank since they were ones I really loved.

Our first day at Disney World was spent at Magic Kingdom so I used a castle pattern (an edited version of one in the Project Mouse Beginnings collection) for my transparency and a large photo of the castle to open the day.

On the back of each full-page photo, I created a pocket to add more memorabilia and extra journaling. For Day 1, I used a photo of our family’s magic bands and created a pocket from one of the park maps I kept from our trip. I chose to focus on our visits to the park in this album, not the travel, but still wanted to include the basics, so adding it on a tag that’s tucked into this pocket was the perfect solution.

I was inspired by some of the filler cards from the Project Mouse collection to create my own journaling cards with the color scheme and style to match those from the collection. I created this Snacks journal card to document the yummy Magic Kingdom treats we loved and this 3×8 filler page to document what it was like going to Disney during the pandemic.

For my ‘Disney World & Covid-19’ title, I added one of the free digital stamps from Liz Tamanaha’s ‘In this Together’ collection and an Ampersand from the Ampersand Story kit to word art I created, again in the style of my Project Mouse cards.

To make my flip-outs, I used 6×8 page protectors from my stash. This one with two 3×8 pockets is from Ali Edwards and worked perfectly for all of the journaling I had about an experience I had with another park guest as well as documenting how we felt about visiting just as they relaxed the guidelines. I also included a photo of our family with our masks (since we mostly took them off for photos after the first day) and a snippet from the park map about social distancing measures.

I went big on the journaling for the first day and chose to add some polaroid style photos in so I could add even more journaling!

Our dinner at Skipper Canteen got it’s very own spread! I actually kept up with taking photos of our food during our trip so I used this 3×8 template multiple times through the album to document our food. Again, the Skipper Canteen word art was created by me with colors from Project Mouse Animals bundle (which matches well with the Adventureland Vibe).

We really love getting the Memory Maker package on our Disney trips and this ride photo of us in the Haunted Mansion might be the best one we’ve ever taken. In the journaling, I detail why this photo cracks me up so much! Our daughter was totally freaked out by the ‘ghosts’ riding atop our carriage–her eyes are HUGE! But yet the husband and I don’t even notice them! I promise she enjoyed the ride despite her expression in the photo!

I’m not a huge fan of the tag I included to add more journaling about our Space Mountain adventure, particularly the ride photo I added to the top of the park map. I think switching the orientation of the photo would have helped but it just feels very unfinished to me. However, the memory is in the album which is the important part!

In this album, I also relied heavily on the 2×3 + 4×3 page protector configuration to add even more photos into spreads like this one from It’s a Small World.

This next page has my heart because, as soon as I took the bottom photo of my daughter riding Prince Charming’s carousel, I knew I would have to add a photo of her as 10-month old riding the same horse! It was magical!

Another 6×8 page protector folded in half (this time with four 3×4 pockets) worked perfectly to add another flip out with favorite photos my husband and I took with the kiddo plus some journaling detailing our favorite moments of the day.

Our last full spread for Day 1 has some fun photos of our evening at Magic Kingdom. We went when the fireworks were still canceled but it was still so special to be able to walk through Main Street USA at twilight and we got to take one of my favorite family photos of the day! The kiddo was so happy (and tired, and a little bit hopped up on Mickey Mouse ice cream bars!!)!!

I finished out Day 1 with a 3×8 photo of the castle as we were making our way out of the park. I used the Panorama mode on my Iphone to take this photo of the Castle and it turned out so well! There are a few people missing various limbs at the bottom of the photo (although I used photoshop to make it a bit less obvious) but overall I love the effect this vertical panorama photo gives!

And that is the end of Day 1 of our 2021 trip to Disney World!

You can watch the entire video flip thru of the day in my album below:

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