2022 YearBook Week 5

Hey there, friends! Today I’m sharing my digital process for week 5 in my digital Year Book album.

If you were here for my last YearBook process video, you’ll probably remember that I’ve come up with a simple formula to make my pages quick and easy to make.

  1. I’m using the 8×10 Our Year Book Digital Starter Pack as my template for each week and I often mix full page photos with pocket page style layouts to make a spread.
  2. Each week gets two spreads. This lets me have ample room for as much journaling and photos as I want plus at least one page for, what I think of as, my feature photo of the week.
  3. To keep things simple for myself, I usually choose a digital kit to work from before I start each week and use elements from the kit on both spreads to give continuity to each week in my album.

I said ‘usually’ up there in number three because I actually didn’t use a kit for this spread! Instead, I used mostly the digital cards from the Studio Calico SunnySide Digital Cards as well as a smattering of products from other Studio Calico kits I got in their recent 15-year sale.

As you’ll see in the video below, I did A LOT of altering this week, mixing and matching colors and elements I liked throughout my spread. I love the result!

Using a modge podge of different kits and elements was definitely a fun creative exercise but was definitely more time-consuming! This process took me about an hour and a half in real time, which is much longer than I like to devote to my digital spreads! Not a bad idea for when I’m feeling a little stuck with kits though!

Hope this step by step process was helpful to you and don’t forget to check out the 8×10 Yearbook Starter Pack in the shop!