2022 YearBook Weeks 23 + 24

Happy Monday, friends! Today I’m sharing my digital process for weeks 23 and 24 in my digital Year Book album.

If you were here for my last YearBook process video, you’ll probably remember that I’ve come up with a simple formula to make my pages quick and easy to make.

  1. I’m using the 8×10 Our Year Book Digital Starter Pack as my template for each week and I often mix full page photos with pocket page style layouts to make a spread.
  2. Each week gets two spreads. This lets me have ample room for as much journaling and photos as I want plus at least one page for, what I think of as, my feature photo of the week.
  3. To keep things simple for myself, I choose a digital kit to work from before I start each week and use elements from the kit on both spreads to give continuity to each week in my album.

Let’s start with Week 23, shall we? I used the June Digital Stories by the Month kit by Ali Edwards to document a fun week with lots of photos and stories.

As you’ll see in the video below, I altered one of the 4×6 cards from the kit to create my own journaling spots and it turned out so well!

Now to Week 24, where I switched up my design format a little and added all my journaling to the middle row of my layout and documented the week using Story cards from the Senses Story Kit.

Using the Story Cards of smelling, tasting, seeing, touching, and hearing paired with the week’s photos of my daughter prompted me to document this week from her perspective. For example, for the Touching prompt, I wrote

TOUCHING: the pup’s soft fur and her not-so-soft paws all day everyday, Tiger aka her favorite stuffed animal, markers and pencils and crayons on repeat each day, her hair all the time unless mom puts it in a ponytail, sisu datu her bath toy, her toys during Cosmic Kids yoga while mommy bikes on the peleton, her bug net every evening when she tries her best to catch all the bugs.

This was such a fun and interesting way to document the week and the lens of my daughter’s perspective prompted me to tell little stories I probably wouldn’t have thought about otherwise.

Have you tried digital memorykeeping? I’d love to hear about the way you scrapbook your everyday memories and don’t forget to check out the 8×10 Yearbook Starter Pack in the shop!